DECAPHONIA (for 2016) ©Gilles NICOLLE

“Portrait gallery”

A nebula of memories, more or less erased, light and sound frequencies: a painting and music symbolizing a being, an entity …
For the paintings, the perception of all the pigments in suspension is immediate, while for the music, the order defined by notes takes its sense in time.
For this exhibition I reverse this order, placing the sound mixed with the musical compositions at a given instant, and let the vision of paintings meander.

Concept – Installation
10 entities are presented. The paintings are positioned on easels, as in a portrait gallery, placed symmetrically, and creating a corridor within a space.
Each painting is tied to its own proper music, specially composed for this experience by a collective of musicians.
During the exhibition the music is simultaneously played, each one above its own painting. (see joined plan)

Sound engineer: MAC TELLIAM

In 2000, I displayed the first part: PSYCHOLOGICAL PAINTING AND URBAN MUSIC “QUADRIPHONIA” – The 4 sages –
Displayed within an ancient Roman chapel, during the Heritage Days festival, in a village of the Hautes-Pyrénées.
What marked me during this first experience is the approach of the majority of the public, reserved in its appreciation of modern art and its reaction to the understanding of the concept, then scrutinizing and exploring the details of every painting within this “cacophony”.
I intend to close this research “PSYCHOLOGICAL PAINTING AND URBAN MUSIC”, by a third and last part, to reach the final concept, for 2019: ” TETRACONTAKAIENNEA-PHONIA ” (or “HEPTA-phonia-square”)


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Entité n°1 Entité n°2 Entité n°3 Entité n°4 Entité n°5 Entité n°6 Entité n°7 Entité n°8 Entité n°9 Entité n°10 Installation plan