My name is Gilles NICOLLE, I was born on December 31st, 1956 in Puteaux, France.
I lived in Paris until 2004, after a journey of more than 8 years abroad, I settled at the beginning of 2014 in Veyrines de Domme, in Périgord.

I built my first easel myself when I was about 13 years. At that time, the paintings of clowns by Buffet fascinated me.
My father was an electrician with is own company in Paris, so I had to be  resolved to becoming an electrician.
I painted on the weekends, and continued on until 1985 when I met my future wife, and decided to dedicate myself to my artistic path. I made a living by working as a freelancer in cinema and in advertising, which allowed me to make my pictorial research.

Admiring the depth of the paintings of the Old Masters, I quickly turned toward their technique of painting in layers of varnish. My vehicle, or medium, is with Turpentine of Venice. I use killed plaster for pigment, which I mix with animal skin glue for my ground. I put four coats over my support of agglomerated wood to seal it from moisture.

First, I paint in monochrome, white and blue, to define the space, then I begin with color.
At the beginning of the nineties, I participated in exhibitions: French Artists, International Fair at Cannes, Mantes la Jolie Fair, and obtained some awards, then I sold my workshop.